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    Default Plantar wart surgery..........

    Huy guys!
    My name is Rose Lina. Its my first time to post on this forum,just want to make some friends here.if its not allowed to post on this board,please delete this thread.Nice to see you guys here. Guys about 2 years ago My friend suffered from a big problem. He had plantar wart (verruca) surgery to remove a plantar wart from the ball of her foot. He did know about the risk of scarring before the procedure but he had enough of the wart being in my foot for 2/3 years. Now, 2 months later, the ball of his foot is virtually painless to walk on, but when he apply a lot of pressure to the ball of his foot, or when he press it hard against the floor or the wall, he feel some slight pain. The surgery site itself looks good, But friend's I've read that it takes up to a year for a scar to fully develop, so does that mean the pain will stop after that time.......?

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    Default Re: Plantar wart surgery..........

    welcome to the This Old House and Medical Advice forum

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    Default Re: Plantar wart surgery..........


    We'd like to help, but we can't. You'll be better off seeking medical advice elsewhere.

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