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    Default Re: Whirlpool Range Repair

    Also you might want to check E-bay for parts.
    The igniter went out on my Kenmore twice in the last 15 years. The first one I bought from Sears for around $50. When it went out again about 5 years ago Sears wanted about $65. I found another one on E-bay for $12. It has lasted just as long as the one Sears sold me for full price.
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    Default Re: Whirlpool Range Repair

    OK guys, a decision has been made.

    After a short troubleshooting, I was 99% positive that the board is defective. I told the client the bad news and he said that he had a feeling it was bad.

    He made his decision: to junk this range.

    There are a few models out there selling for less than $450, with 1 year warranty, so he's heading to the appliance stores today.

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