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    Default making a 3/4 bathroom

    I have a large closet that I am going to make into a 3/4 bath.

    43" wide 9'6" long with a 10' ceiling. The house was built in 1905.

    door is in the middle of room and opens outward, toilet to the left, shower to the right, sink in the middle. Not a lot of room

    I am going to lower the ceiling to 8' even.

    1st Problem

    Should I use green board for the ceiling over the shower? and what about the dead space above the room about 2 feet. should Ido something aobut this area?

    2nd Problem

    What kind of vents should I be running for the toilet, sink, and shower?

    3rd Problem

    I am at a loss for a ceiling lights above the shower. Yes or no. or suggestions.

    I am installing a fan/light for the room but is more over the toilet instead of the shower. or should it be closer to the shower?

    I am putting tile on the floor and sheetrock with green board the rest of the room.

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    Default Re: making a 3/4 bathroom

    1st problem.....ideally you should plaster the ceiling, if that's not in the budget then greenboard will do. if the ceiling is currently against the attic, then i would insulate, if the ceiling is against 2nd floor heated space then you don't have to do anything, you can leave it open.

    2nd problem.....3" vent for the toilet and you can tie the sink and shower into them up in the attic.

    3rd problem.....ceiling lights above the shower, your call, depends on how bright the other lighting the fan in the room, if you can't center it, then keep it on the shower side, not the toilet side.

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    Default Re: making a 3/4 bathroom

    Only one additional comment: In my city, green board is not allowed on bathroom ceilings. Check with your bldg dept.

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    Default Re: making a 3/4 bathroom

    Why lower the ceiling by 2 feet ?

    I had a 5x8 full bathroom w/ double sink, but had a sloped 10-12 ft. ceiling w/ ovehead window. The vertical "cathedral" space expanded the cramp horizontal space -- lowering the ceiling will remind you everyday it was once a closet.

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    Default Re: making a 3/4 bathroom

    If you put the light/fan over the shower make sure it's air tight. If moisture gets into a hollow cavity over time it could create a serious mold/mildew problem. I do agree with a previous poster, if it's attic space above why shorten the cielling height. The extra work and material cost is worth it in the long run. It's a narrow space, the ten ft ceilling will make it feel more spacious.


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    Default Re: making a 3/4 bathroom

    My dad is working on a 3/4 bathroom in their master. I would definitely install an above shower light. If it was a closet, there probably is no window or means to have one, so the light will be necessary. Just a flush or dome light installed would be ideal above a shower.
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