I have a large closet that I am going to make into a 3/4 bath.

43" wide 9'6" long with a 10' ceiling. The house was built in 1905.

door is in the middle of room and opens outward, toilet to the left, shower to the right, sink in the middle. Not a lot of room

I am going to lower the ceiling to 8' even.

1st Problem

Should I use green board for the ceiling over the shower? and what about the dead space above the room about 2 feet. should Ido something aobut this area?

2nd Problem

What kind of vents should I be running for the toilet, sink, and shower?

3rd Problem

I am at a loss for a ceiling lights above the shower. Yes or no. or suggestions.

I am installing a fan/light for the room but is more over the toilet instead of the shower. or should it be closer to the shower?

I am putting tile on the floor and sheetrock with green board the rest of the room.