Live on second floor condo, now 25 yrs old. Floors squeaked very badly, repair man came in, lifted carpet and pad, added screws on every visible seam, set the carpet back. On high traffic area (hallway to master bed.bath) took very long time to get quiet. Lots of screws added. Even screwed over vinyl in kitchen and bath (not worried about cosmetics at the time.)

Work done on a warm day in Nov, about 60 degrees.

No squeaks... but NOW....floors snap and pop in multiple places almost every day. The bathroom has multiple snaps and pops, the bedroom too around the sliding door is bad. What is the remedy?

New resident downstairs, no access to floors from below.

Also, what should be in the space between the units? How can I decrease the noise transfer while I get the floors fixed? What's the best sound deading material? there are fiberglass batts of insulation now but that is 25 yrs old and does nothing.

The big question is: should I rip it all up and replace with all new 4X8 planks? Get advice from structual engineer?

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