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    Default Re: Pouring New Piers Around Existing Ones

    Yeah, I understand. The existing footers are not way out of line -- only since the 6x6 column was suppose to sit directly atop, did the 2-3" make a big difference. If I could get a pad poured atop them, they probably would be fine. I'll probably try to pull one out -- and see how that goes. I'm not well equipped to handle concrete, so maybe that is why I'm trying to keep the existing footers if possible and reasonable. I don't think I want to prop-up the entire roof and pour all 9 holes at once, so I'll be working hole to hole. In that case, I'll probably be mixing my own and as you or another noted, that is going to be a lot of work. I do have one side and the entire front completely torn apart. I need to support the roof and start tugging.
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