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    Default removing paint from Cinder block

    I would like to seal my basement walls with Drylok. Some of the cracks are small (little bigger than hairline) but some are a bit bigger. Unfortunately, the cinder block walls have been painted.I called a sand blaster to get his thoughts. He said sandblasting a basement would be so dirty and stipper would do the job. So I purchased stripper for masonary and followed the directions to a "T". I tried to use a paint sc****r to remove the paint with no luck, then I tried a wire bush. Not a single flake of paint was removed. Help, any thoughts. I want to do this right, but I am at a loss.


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    Default Re: removing paint from Cinder block

    Well if you tried a wire brush and no paint would come off its probly on there pretty good and you could just dryloc over it. They do sell a wire brush that will attach to a sawzall (at Lowes) maybe more luck with that? When applying the dryloc do yourself a favor and get a extra thick rollor it will save a lot of time and yield the same results as a brush.
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