A note about tool storage: both fiberglass and wood will be damaged by ultraviolet light. Wood will be further damaged by exposure to rain. Clean them up and put them away when you're done with them!

For your wood-handled tools, first sand off the factory finish then oil it with boiled linseed oil. Sand smooth (if needed) & re-oil every year.

Because boiled linseed oil is a "drying oil" your tools won't have an oily feel, and won't be slippery when wet.

Note that oily rags must be stored properly. DO NOT just toss them in a hamper or the trash; they could spontaneously combust.
  1. Let the rags air dry completely
  2. OR put them in a noncombustible, airtight container and don't store near other combustible items or surfaces
  3. OR store them completely submerged in a water-filled, metal container with a tight-fitting lid