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    Default foul odor hot water

    Hot water smells like sulfer (spoiled eggs). Smell only in hot water, and only appears after a few days of not using hot water (when i am away for weekend trips, etc). I have read up on the internet, and have tried draining the tank, bleaching the tank, replacing the anode (which some websites say is the cause of the odor), and actually finally just replaced my electric hot water heater. Everything has been great, but I just went away for 2 days and returned to the same smell. The water company says because it is not in the cold water, it must be the water heater. Has anyone had a similar situation or can offer any advice? I am desperate and out of ideas. Thanks so much.

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    Default Re: foul odor hot water

    I had a simular problem, they make anodes out of different materials and i tried several different ones until one worked.

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