Getting ready for retirement and have down sized to a 900 sqft Cape Cod in Central Penna. 1st floor with no finished living space in attic. Moved in last June and am getting ready to have the roof replaced. Attic area shows no signs moisture/mildew and heating and cooling costs are very low, but I am concerned with the ventilation, there is no soffit to vent so what I have are two 10"x12" gable vents one of which has a 16" fan fastened to it. The fan is next to useless with the small vents so my plan to install 14x14 vents with a 14" fan on one, since the attic shown no sign of moisture I'm assuming that this will be sufficient ventilation. Now on to the insulation, there is only about 8" of fiberglass and I want to add to that and seal any ceiling penetrations. My question is since there are no soffit vent can I run the insulation between the rafter up against the roof deck because there should be no need for baffles for air flow. Any tips or ideas to make sure I have propper insulation and ventilation would be appreciated.