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    Default HELP- Navien Combi tankless water heater

    I had a plumber install a Navien Combi-Boiler with a tankless water heater a few months ago and I do not have consistent timing on obtaining initial hot water.

    Sometimes I will turn on the kitchen faucet or upstairs shower and it will take over 2-3 minutes before i get hot water. The Plumber tells me that this is "normal" and I should expect a delay.

    I already paid in several thousand dollars and I do not want to give him any more money. Any advice?


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    Default Re: HELP- Navien Combi tankless water heater

    Call the manufacturer and speak with a supervisor about your dissatisfaction. Is the water heater still under warranty?

    If it's "on demand" water heater, 2-3 minutes is not instant.

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