I plan to install an emergency flood pump in my unfinished basement in the event a water pipe,hot water heater,or relief valve on the furnace should let loose. I have had the unfortunate experience of such malfunctions in the past and its something i would rather not repeat.

I cut a hole in the concrete floor and buried a 5-gallon joint compound pail flush with the floor surface. I could either run a hose from the pump to a hole outlet just above the foundation a distance of about 8 feet total height OR tap into an existing drain pipe that exits the house after the main trap

My questions.....

1)Tapping into the drain pipe would be most practical, however is there some sort of a check valve assembly that could be incorporated in the system to prevent sewer gas from passing through the pump. A trap would work but would need to be filled constantly as no water would be passing through the system regularly.

2) what is the best brand of pump to use and what would optimum pipe sizing and GPH specs be? Max head?

3) is there some sort of warning system that could be set up to automatically notify via telephone or email or at a minimum trigger an alarm or flashing light in the event of a plumbing failure?