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    Default Wall Mounted Shelf to Hold Microwave

    I have an open wall above a cabinet in my kitchen and would like to mount an open shelf to hold the Microwave above the counter top. House was built in early 40's and has plaster walls. Microwave weighs 38 pounds! I see some not too stylish heavy metal brackets at the big box stores that look strong enough. I could attach wood to the brackets to hold the microwave. What do I use to attach the brackets to the wall? When I try to use a stud finder on my walls - it seems unreliable.

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    Default Re: Wall Mounted Shelf to Hold Microwave

    howdy if plaster walls better pre drill the holes to mount the shelf as plaster has a tendency to crack otherwise. You will need to locate a stud in the wall 2 would be better to hold the weight. ask in a hardware store for help in picking the shelf and mounting material that will bear 50 or more lbs. magnetic stud finders will locate the nails in the lath to the studs....
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    Default Re: Wall Mounted Shelf to Hold Microwave

    Locate the studs in one of 3 ways
    locate electrical receptacle on wall. They are generally fastened to one side or the other of the stud. You can open up receptacle and look inside to see stud.
    drill small pilot holes in the wall that will be covered by the new shelf or hanging bracket. You will meet resistance and see wood borings on drill bit.
    stud finder (agree these are unreliable - go with options 1 or 2)

    I suggest once you locate the studs you install a horizontal hanging bracket (made from 1x3 wood or similar material) that spans 2 studs and is fastened firmly to them using a lag screw. Counter sink the screw head if you want it flush. Then fasten the vertical shelf brackets to this horizontal piece. Run a vertical spacer behind the shelf brackets if you want it flush with horizontal member, just be sure that the vertical brackets are fastened to it horizontal hanging bracket.

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