Well ive been searching the web for any information on my problem. And ran across another site/post that had to do with the return on the system. One thing they noted in the post was if the air filter looks like its about to get sucked into the return opening, that it may not be big enough for the system/house..

That is somethign i know we have since we moved in.. so, if i remove the filter and run the A/C the master bedroom is nice and cool at night, still need to run the ceiling fan, but it def improved the temp in the room. With that finding, seems the easiest thing to do and least expensive for now would be to install another return close to the room or in the room to help the system.

Is there some sort of calculation to determine the size of the 2nd return?

I still need to insulate some more above and around the room, but for now, before the houston heat gets in the 100's i want to get something done.

Any suggestions?