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yes- i fully understand he is the boss, and doesnt like to be questioned......

he failed me for tub not installed(wanted to see piping prior to closing walls in in case there wasnt an access panel-(slab on grade)and a nail plate that was questionable needed. he drew on the permit how he expected to see it piped-- drain, trap, "T" picking up the overflow going into a long sweep 90 to main line.

i installed tub, plumbe his way and plate.

he failed me for a plate i didnt need.
i installed plate without question

he failed me for overflow piping.

i will correct it. my issue is with the inspector. i believe he is just peeved. we had a disagreement during the ground work that he got overruled on by the chief inspector and it has been ruff since. he failed ground work over the vent- i had it plumbed as a y (rolled up past the 1/2 point)off the main line as a dry stack vent. he failed it prefering wet vents. this would have been 7' more pipe then needed and going thru 2 window jack legs- un needed. i was respectfull when i asked him if i met code, he replied yes but i prefer wet vents over dry vents, i replied i wanted a second opinion because code is code and he wasnt inspecting to opinion and preferences.....
He sure isn't wrong about the tub overflow being after the trap. That is wrong in all codes. I still don't understand how you did that.