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    So, I'm repainting my house (interior) and need some advice. We have painted trim throughout the house. We intend to keep it painted but much of the trim downstairs has what looks like dry lakebed cracking (non lead paint per testing). We know that the topcoat was painted right over a varnish/shellac. Chemical stripping (citristrip) works great on it and we plan to go that route before sanding, priming and repainting the trim accordingly. The upstairs presents a bit of a different situation. Some of the trim (hallway and stairs) is a similar situation to downstairs (non lead paint over finish). The trim in the bedrooms themselves though is original and is a mix of non lead and lead paint (lead on bottom as expected). The citristrip works but requires much more effort, as does the heat gun. We have quite a bit to strip though.

    Any advice? Obviously lead dust is a concern and we are going through the proper precautions of laying down tarps, wearing respirators and removing paint with non dust creating methods (heat/chemical). Some of the trim though is in fairly good shape and could possibly be washed with TSP and repainted. That said, I want to do it right and have the time (we really only need the bedroom complete before we move in)and desire to have it look nice.

    Any advice is appreciated!

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    If the woodwork isn't in to bad of condition & you want the quickest solution.... You can prime over the existing product with zinnsers coverstain oil base primer that will seal in the surface & prevent any lifting or bubbling. For the finish coat just use a quality water based enamel. I prefer semigloss
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