I've got a 1930's 2 story house with wood fascia board. The fascia has been painted in the past but is needing re-painted or covered and I'm opting to cover it with aluminum. I've had 1 estimate done from a reputable contractor so far and it came in around $1700. I mentioned something about removing the gutters and he said that they would probably just slide the fascia up behind the gutters without removing them. The gutters are fastened to the fascia with the standard gutter nails and from what I can see, they're pretty snug. So, my question is it common to install the aluminum without removing the gutters and is this a good idea? My main concern being, how do you handle the gutter nails? Just cut a groove in the aluminum to accommodate the nail? Seems like that would leave a small gap where water could leak in behind the aluminum...? To me, removing the gutters was the main reason I was thinking of hiring a contractor. If that's not necessary to do the job right, I'll probably tackle it myself. Any advice would be appreciated.