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    Default Oil based satin paint, am I crazy for wanting this?

    I want to stick with oil based paint for all of my trim work, and the painting process is beginning. The Mrs does not care for high gloss, and I am happy with satin finish, but I have only found one, and it is $72/gal.
    Good paint is a priority, but I drew a line in the sand when I saw that price.

    Any suggestions of a satin finished oil based paint?
    It's this old house, not this built after your dad was born house.

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    Default Re: Oil based satin paint, am I crazy for wanting this?


    During my paint contracting years, Benjamin Moore's Satin Impervo was my mainstay for woodwork. Oil paint still beats latex/acrylic for leveling when applied with a brush. Oils still dry much harder and without that gummy latex feel, especially when it is humid out.

    Oil is actually easier to apply due to its longer wet time. This is why it levels itself better than latex paints.

    If there are down sides to oil, it is their smell, long dry time, and yellowing of whites.

    Unfortunately, due to government demands, the paint manufacturers have been tinkering with their formulas to lower the VOC's. However, a little mineral spirits and/or Penetrol gets it flowing again. There is also the old painters trick of warming the paint. Oil paint flows like melted butter when warm!

    Finally, oil paint does not present adhesion problems when going over existing oil paint. Conversion to latex over oil can be iffy, although some of the newer acrylic paints are capable of bonding directly to oil without a primer.

    Hope this has helped

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