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    Question Purpose of UnderSink Face Plate with Top Hinge

    Can anyone tell me what the purpose of having the under-sink face plate mounted with a top hinge is?

    We just moved into our new to us (built 1979) house , and can't figure out why the hinge mounts from the top of the under-sink face plate so the face plate swings up, instead of down. I've seen these normally mounted from the bottom hinge and a small tray on the inside, but don't know what purpose this serves to mount with a top hinge?

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    Default Re: Purpose of UnderSink Face Plate with Top Hinge

    I suspect that someone didn't know what they were doing, or intentionally did it wrong for some reason.

    These tilt-outs are typically used to hold sponges, scrubbers, etc, so they need to tilt outward and have a tray inside. If yours does not have the tray, don't despair, you can purchase kits to install these tilt-outs.
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