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    Default Masonite siding -- any recourse?

    I bought a house in 08 that was built in 1999 and has Masonite siding. I see there is a class action suit, but that it may be too late to collect. The siding looks ok, but I painted the fall of 11 and some of the paint on the lip of the siding is again cracking slightly. I fear the siding is beginning to fail. I also do not believe there is any house-wrap, and the doors and windows do not appear to be flashed - at least in a way that would direct any water behind the siding to be directed away from those openings. There is no metal under the siding and extending over the top of the door and window openings. I will probably keep applying a primer/paint to control the decay, but is there anything else I can do?

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    Default Re: Masonite siding -- any recourse?

    This is a relatively young house, and I'm astonished by the way it was built. Where was the inspector?

    At this point, if you are sure there's no wrap, tear the siding off and re-do the entire exterior to code. This time around use better materials. Why? because if you don't have good exterior on your house, what do you got?

    It will be costly, but worth it.

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    Default Re: Masonite siding -- any recourse?

    if theres no flashings on the windows and doors painting the siding isnt going to fix anything. if anything your going to start seeing issues on the inside as well from the water leaking

    by the sounds of hte defect theres also no rain screen installed to allow the wall to dry out beneath the siding
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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