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    Default What should be the voltage on coax cable?

    I'm moving to a new place. Yesterday I connected the TV to the coax connector on the wall and accidentally short circuited it. I saw an electic arc and the TV tuner stopped working. I'm afraid it was busted. I touched the conductors and felt a shock.

    Is it supposed to carry a voltage high enough to cause a shock? I later connected another TV that I don't care to bust and was able to get over the air channels. Should I use a surge protector in the future?


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    Default Re: What should be the voltage on coax cable?

    since you mentioned over the air channels, I would surmise that you have a rooftop antenna and if so, yes it can have a voltage on the coax. If your antenna has an amplifier at the antenna, then the power to the antenna amplifier goes through the coax. It should have harmed the TV though.

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    Default Re: What should be the voltage on coax cable?

    If your antenna is not grounded the induced signal in the coax is not referenced to ground and can read several thousand volts until it is referenced. This can cause a large high voltage spark as it is being connected.

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    Default Re: What should be the voltage on coax cable?

    So, do you have satellite as well as an antenna? Is so, is the mast grounded as well as the power for the satellite receiver?

    Does your good TV not work anymore?

    Do you amplify yor antenna signal? If so is it fed from a grounded outlet?

    Is the power outlet grounded?
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