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    Default Garage foundation

    I have a house built in the 50's and the garage is attached to the house. The garage slab is poured but the 3 outer garage walls actually sit on what I believe to be 2x4's One board between the house and garage entrance door rotted away and I could see basically what looked like cinder blocks stacked about 2 ft down. I could stick a pole right down the center of them. I'd like to replace these boards around the three walls and I'm not sure how to do it or what to replace them with. Any Ideas?

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    Default Re: Garage foundation

    You're going to have to get the weight off the wall first. Not having seen it, I'd guess you have some of the roof bearing on that wall so you're going to have to releive the weight on the wall. Once you've done that, you can concentrate on knocking out the bottom plate on the wall. You may want to pull the nails from the studs, going into the plate, then pry the plate out. Now you can replace it, assuming you can get to it. You don't say whether it's below the floor slab or not. Use a pressure treated 2x4 to replace it and re-nail the studs to the new plate. Look for signs of termites or moisture when you take out the old one. Remedy that situation too if it exists.

    Good Luck.

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