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    Red face Install Exterior Lighting

    Currently we have a garage with no exterior lighting on either side of the garage door. Many homes in our area have this and it really upgrades the homes appearance. We would like to install a light on both sides of the double garage door. There is brick facing on the exterior walls and there is a plug on one of these walls and we would like to install with a switch that has a timer so they go off and on only during the evening time. How can we do this since our garage walls are insulated and drywalled just like inside the house??
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    the easiest way is to call an electrician and have him/her do it for you.

    if you decide to do it yourself you will have to drill holes in the brick. snake a wire from the outlet to a switch, snake a wire from the switch to the light then snake another wire from one light to the other light. standard job for an electrician with minimal damage.....big job for an inexperienced DIYer.

    i don't know how much experience you have so it's your call.

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    Ditto to MLB's post.

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