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    Default Smell in Sunroom

    I have installed a new four seasons sunroom attached to my house. I live in Ontario with hot summers and freezing winters. During the fall, a strong smell of dampness began to develop. It has lessoned since the onset of freezing temperatures. My concern is with the small holes in the track of the windows which are designed to carry the water away during a rain storm. When we experience a driving rain, the water cannot flow away fast enough down the small holes. Instead, the water overflows out of the track and down the wall onto the floor. I think the tubes in the wall are clogged with dirt and consequently holding in water. This stagnate water in the wall is creating the undesirable smell. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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    That could be a possibility. You need to locate the exact source of the odor so you can fix it. Check out the crawl space thoroughly. We had a leak in the crawlspace in our sunrooms and foul odor emanated from it. We fixed it and the odor vanished completely. Also look for mold and mildew buildup. Let fresh air circulate through the room, it often drives away any offensive smells.
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    As mentioned above, job 1 is to locate the source of the water with 100% certainty. Then job 2 will be to correct it.

    Even in driving rain, there should not be any water coming in. Check your windows for squareness, weatherstrip, etc. There's a possibility that you also have a faulty window installation.

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