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    If you choose to replace the connector, get one made of machined brass rather than stamped. It will last longer than the hose, no matter how you abuse it.

    When you buy hoses, look at both ends, get one where BOTH ends are machined brass. Also make sure that the barb (the part that goes inside the hose) is a solid part of the connector; I've seen some with machined connectors and stamped barbs. It's OK for the ferrule (the crimp ring on the outside) to be stamped.

    A good quality hose will last a lifetime. The Sears Craftsman black rubber hose is a good option (though it can leave black marks).
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    Quote Originally Posted by dj1 View Post
    Talking about garden hoses, I see a lot of TV commercials for those new hoses that resemble firefighter's hoses. My neighbor just got one, because it was "buy one get one free" and I got to try it, and it works pretty good. Only $12.99 + shipping for two 25' hoses.

    I've seen hoses come and go. I'll wait a year to see what happens to these hoses - if they stay or disappear.
    They do not last. They are very cheap nylon and will spring leaks. They are only good for the seller's bank account. Do not waste your money on the expandable hoses.

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