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    Default New trees with dead trunks and new sprouts at the bottom.

    We have a redbud that we planted in the late summer/early fall. It had some growth on a lower branch before the winter. This spring it didn't do much, but now has some new growth near the ground. I think the trunk may be dead. We also planted a weeping willow which seems to be doing something similar. New growth near the bottom. Should we trim the trunks of these to encourage new growth? What can we do for our new trees? Thanks.

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    Default Re: New trees with dead trunks and new sprouts at the bottom.

    If the trunks are dead, my advice would be to cut them down and uproot the stump. The trunk is the main source of growth and if it is being cut off, there is a very little chance your trees will grow how they should be growing. Not to mention the cozy environment a dead trunk is providing for infested insects. I have a feeling any tree removal service would tell you the same. There is also a DIY solution to this problem.
    • Cut the stump down
    • drill holes on the top of the stump and on the sides
    • fill each hole with this chemical tree stump remover
    • A month later the tree should be easily uprooted!

    Good luck!
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