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    Default Fence post setting.....new product

    i don't know how new this is but it's new to me. anyone have any experience with it? looks pretty good


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    Default Re: Fence post setting.....new product

    That and similar products have been around for a while, I'm not a fan of adding more plastic/poly/chemicals to the environment, I also don't like the concaved rim around the post which will promote holding water and rot/rust of the post, Adding dirt to the top will exacerbate the problem. Other problems are not being able to pour it in a wet hole or wet locations.

    The major advantage is being able to set fencing within an hour, as opposed to concrete which should really set over night before being messed with. Of course all these issues are moot if you dry pack the posts instead, which works equally well to anything else.
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    Default Re: Fence post setting.....new product

    It looks interesting, but like Spruce, I have my doubts and reservations, and like one of the comments out there: "Been using concrete forever, why change?".

    Next time I need to set fence posts, it will most likely still be concrete. And for weight bearing posts (like decks)? concrete for sure.

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    Default Re: Fence post setting.....new product

    ROTBLOC is a great product! Easy to apply and affordable.

    Here is the link to the demonstration video.


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