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    Default 0ld home wiring question

    I am trying to replace a switch with a digital timer. But this stupid house only has one black and one wire coming from the wall. I am attempting to connect it with a digital timer that has one black one white and ONE RED wire (The ground is present and not the problem) What do I do with the red wire when hardwiring the digital timer???

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    Sorry but you need some rewiring. The two wires on the old switch would be connected to the black and red on the timer and you need a common for the timer to work.

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    What does the manufacturer say? Some devices got UL approval even when they used the EGC to power the electronics, when a neutral was not present.

    Such was the case with Occupancy Sensors. Using the bare, rather than a neutral,imposed about .5/1000 of an amp on the ground, which was deemed OK, at the time.
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