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    Default flu pipe clearance from second story window

    Howdy. Going to install a type B flu pipe for water heater in one story section of home an venting the pipe out the one story roof. My question is how far away from a second story wall with an operable window should the flu pipe be? Assuming the vent stack is threw a one story shed roof.

    The information I have the flue must be threw the one story roof 8' from the second story wall, without windows in the wall. But looking at a diagram it recommends a " B " pipe to extend a min 12" above the one story roof deck & them be 4' below and 4' away from any window the is operable in the adjoining secondary wall. This at odds with the 8 foot distance if there was no window in the second story wall.

    My old rule of thumb was to extend the flu pipe 2' higher then anything with in 10 from the pipe where it penetrates the roof.
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    Default Re: flu pipe clearance from second story window

    The best answer you can get can only come from your building department or a local master plumber.
    I know that exact measurements and distances do vary from one jurisdiction to another. In my city it will have to extend 2' higher than the second floor roof. But I don't recall seeing a situation like yours.

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