I am looking to paint my home it was built in the late 1940's and it has lead paint was well as latex paint on the walls and ceiling. I have been doing some repairs of the walls and ceiling and wondering just what would be the best paint to put over these repaired areas to start. Would a primer be good or maybe a stain killer be the best way to go? Seems that over time the oil / lead base paints thatw ere used seem to bubble up in spots any suggests on how to stop this from going on?

Second when i repair these areas you can see them after they are painted is there a way to get them to blend in better. I have been told it is the type of roller used but I have tried many and none seem to produce the same texture the wall has being they are plaster.

Best way to prep walls with lead paint underneath the latex that is on top of the existing paint?

Just trying to get the best results since this is my first time painting the whole house.

Also seems that in the bathroom the old paint likes to bubble up in spots and I hate having to remove it because they it makes it even more spotty. Is it a good idea to sc**** the areas down, fill in with the 90 Light weight setting type joint compound and the sand it and primer it paint it? I have added a bath fan thinking this would help but so far it still happens???

Just looking for some pointers as to doing the best I can being it is an older home and have many things that were done before I moved in...

Any information would be very helpful...