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    Default Leaking gutters, space between gutter & Facet

    The gutters that line our walkway drip. There is not a hole, but it seems like there is water running behind the gutter and dripping down. The previous home owner used caulking along the back to prevent this from happening. Since I live in the high desert of Oregon, it gets hot and cold in the same day, causing the metal to contract, which ruins the caulking.

    Any suggestions? Someone told me to get some flashing and cut a strip to overlap the back of the gutter. Thoughts on this?

    It doesn't rain often, but it's annoying to have the water drip on guests when entering our home. In addition, some of the wood trimming is being damaged by the water.


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    Default Re: Leaking gutters, space between gutter & Facet

    all roofs should have a drip edge at the end of the eave, under the shingles, which allows the water coming off the roof to be directed into the gutter. otherwise you will have wood rot problems on the fascia board behind the gutters as you described.

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    Default Re: Leaking gutters, space between gutter & Facet

    You must follow this order: gutter under the drip edge, drip edge under the paper and roofing material.

    Any other order will result in leaks.

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