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    Default House built inside of a metal building

    I have built a house inside of a metal building. The building is 30'X60'. The building was built on a slab, all walls and roof was insulated with 3" of insulation. I framed out the inside of the building for the house there is 3 1/2" insulation in the walls and 10" in the celling Joyce, there is an air gap of 8" in the walls between the insulation of the metal building and the wall studs. There is a 4' crawl space between the celling joyce and roof. I have an access hole from attic of the house to the garage. My question is do I need to ventilate the attic other than to the garage. What about the dead air space between the walls, there is no ventilation there. Help

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    Default Re: House built inside of a metal building

    Howdy. why did you do this? If you have plumbing and an gas appliance then venting threw the metal building is a must. Perhaps there is a local zoning department you can contact for help to meet the codes that apply to your area...
    Any an all of my comments are just my opinion and not to be confused with facts.

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    Default Re: House built inside of a metal building

    I am dying to see pictures

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