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    We are replacing the trim on our home with cedar and would like to preserve the grain and color. Is there a varnish with UV protection that is recommended?

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    Varnished exterior finishes are a continuing maintenace nightmare. Water and sun combine to break down any varnish type finish. Once deteriorated, there is no other alternative than stripping. This is a messy, expensive operation using either chemical strippers or sanding.

    Your better choice would be an oil based exterior stain. Unfortunately, this too will require periodic cleaning and refresher coats of oil. Oil stains do not form a surface film, as does varnish. Because there is no film, it will not peel.

    Sikkens does have products which give considerable sheen and the look of varnish without forming a surface film: Cetol! and Cetol23 Plus1. The Cetol1 is used as a base coat under the Cetol23 Plus.

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    Since you want to maintain the color of the wood, I would apply a transparent stain to the trim to preserve all its characteristics! This would work great to protect the wood from fading due to sunlight, water exposure, etc.

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