i 100% agree..

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The siding company made a mistake!

What they did there is improperly box in the faucet with too small a siding box---it's UP TO THEM to rectify the problem that they created at no charge to you; you're not required to spend any extra money to correct a mistake that should have been done right by the siding co. in the first place---this is just sloppy work, and my experience has been that these situations can be resolved quickly to the satisfaction of the homeowner.

I specifically recommend you do NOTHING in the way of DIY work or hiring someone else to repair this until the siding co. comes over to COMPLETE THE SIDING JOB.

If you haven't done so yet, call the siding co. owner or manager to advise them of the situation & tell them you want it fixed as soon as possible at no extra charge---also, the back side of the box has to be filled in with a small piece of new siding so the old siding is not showing.