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Thread: Broken p-trap

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    The green corrosion is copper. The chrome pipe was probably chrome over brass if it was once a decent gauge of metal. Either way, chrome sticks to copper very well, so the pipe was at least dipped in copper to get the chrome plating to adhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ratkindler View Post
    I had a very slow draining vanity sink and after drain cleaner and plunging didn't fix it I decided to check the p-trap. The pipes are chrome and when I tried to remove the p-trap nuts they basically shattered. All I've got now is the long chrome pipe connected to the waste pipe in the wall. I'm not sure how it's connected (i.e. soldered) and can't really see any kind of nut back there holding it on.

    I'm wondering what my options are now. I'd like to replace everything with a plastic p-trap but I don't know how to remove the chrome pipe or even if I need to. Can I cut it off and use some kind of adapter fitting to connect the remaining chrome to the plastic p-trap? Do I have to remove the chrome piece entirely? Should I give up and call a plumber?

    I tried to upload a pic but it won't accept any image formats.
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    I ended up cutting the tailpipe closer to the wall and I found the clog inside there. The rest of the pipe closer to the wall was in good shape. The 1-1/4" flexible Fernco coupling I tried wouldn't seal around the copper waste pipe from the wall.

    I eventually assembled an ABS p-trap and connected it using ABS adapter fittings. Had to get a new sink drain too.

    Seems to be holding up well so far. This sink hasn't drained this well in years. The bathroom needs to be completely redone anyway so I'm thinking of this as relatively temporary.

    Thanks for everybody's insight and suggestions.

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