Don't laugh, but what are some of your gas handling & storage tips for garden/lawn 2-cycle engine tools ?

Here's my inventory that was recently purchased:

Snow Blower with 4-cycle engine (Craftsman 26" 2-stage).
Stihl Leaf Blower, 2-cycle
Weed Wacker Trimmer (Craftsman), 2-cycle
NO Lawn Mower (wife is afraid I'll die mowing as our land is down slope).

I use a 2-gallon gas "rated" jug to buy the gas. After that, I've been estimating the 40-1 oil/gas -- not a good aproach.

Do you pre-mix a gallon (40-1, ex-water gallon jug) or mix fresh batches using a measured amount of oil ?
Do you drop in gas stabilizer during the 1-month stored gas is fresh ?

(I lived in high rise apartments in Manhattan, NY during the first 40 yrs of life, then 7,500 sf of flat, maintained soil in Silicon Valley where plants sleep only 1 month in the year & where I didn't need power lawn tools. Now, I have 1/2 acre of Cambodia jungle land, big bugs, snakes & humidity near CIA). Langley.)