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    Default Order to paint the entire kitchen?

    I'm ready to undertake the task of painting the kitchen of our circa 1812 house. I mean the whole kitchen. What's the correct order? Painting the walls, the countertop (Rustoleum treatment) and painting the cabinets. The walls will be off white from a wallpapered garbled something, cabinets will be going from a light wood stain to sage green, and the countertop from scratched and nasty white to a dark brown.


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    Default Re: Order to paint the entire kitchen?

    Personally, I'd start with the room, then the cabinets, and finish with the countertop.
    I suffer from CDO ... Its like OCD, but in alphabetical order, LIKE IT SHOULD BE!!!

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    Default Re: Order to paint the entire kitchen?

    looks like you'll get many different opinions.

    i vote for cabinets, then countertops, then walls.

    it's not super important what the order is if you're careful.

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    Default Re: Order to paint the entire kitchen?

    I'd start with the walls first, get the 'shell' done and work out. If you need to lean against/over the worktops and cabinets you don't want to be doing this if they're freshly done. Also the walls might need prepping, might need rubbing down, you don't want to do this over freshly done worktops.
    Then do the cabinets, then the worktops last, then you can rest paint pots etc on this.

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    Default Re: Order to paint the entire kitchen?

    I'm doing similar tasks in my 1940's kitchen right now, excepting the counter tops.
    My order of work has been:
    Base cabinets
    Wall cabinets

    All of this finished and then replacing the flooring.
    Good luck!

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