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    Default new moen sink cartridge sticking - help

    I replaced the cartridge in a Moen sink faucet a few months back. The setscrew came loose on the handle and it seemed like it was taking more effort to turn side to side, so with the help of my 3 y/o I pulled the whole thing apart today. After putting plumbers grease on the outside of the cartridge and putting everything back together, the handle turns side to side well, but it takes significantly more effort to raise the handle to turn the water on and off.

    What did I do wrong?

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    Default Re: new moen sink cartridge sticking - help

    Your putting the handle on wrong. There is a round loop on the handle that must fit on the groove in the nut that holds the spout and cartridge in place. When putting the handle on tilt the handle towards the back of the faucet so the loop fits into the groove. then tilt it forward into place.

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    Default Re: new moen sink cartridge sticking - help

    Sounds like john's correct it fits on kind of like a baseball cap.
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