I know this can be a lead in to heated arguments so no fighting!
My husband and I are starting the process of fixing up our house to sell. This will probably be a process that takes a year or two as there are many small things that need to be done. One of these things is painting on the interior. The house has original clear fir trim throughout most of the house, but not in the kitchen, upstairs bath and one bedroom (these were either added or remodeled in the 50's). Of that original trim all is painted except the dining and living room. The living room still has the original finish though it has seen better days and has a mantel and built-in bookcases that are the same finish. The dining room, including a built-in buffet have been refinished in a different stain at some point.
I am seeking opinions at this point....no matter what I do I cannot make the entire house truly match (well I guess I could but my budget does not allow for clear fir trim in those areas that don't have it!)
What would you prefer to see if you were touring the house as a prospective buyer?