I was going to plant a garden out in my backyard this year, until my mom reminded me of all the woodchucks we get in the summer!

I've spent around $30 on seeds, and now I'm afraid if I plant them out back, everything will get eaten!

So now I'm looking into building some plant beds.

There is a portion of our roof that is pretty low to the ground. It can be reached from our porch. I thought I could put a strawberry plant bed, and a carrot plant bed up there.

Then I want to make some raised plant beds to put other places in the yard.

I'm trying to think of materials I could re-use and turn into these plant beds. Materials I might have laying around, or could get off craigslist fairly cheap.

Any ideas?!

I've heard of using recycled car tires. But apparently you're not supposed to use them for edibles because of metals that end up contaminating the soil? So I suppose that rules that idea out.