Hello all,

I have searched through many posts on this forum and others and realize that running a dryer vent along floor joists and venting through the rim joist would be the easiest/ best solution ... but ...

The location of the washer/ dryer and the way the house is oriented really doesn't allow for the proper clearances ( 30' from one end of the house is too far, and the 15' run would not have me more than 6" off the ground). If I could vent directly behind the dryer I would have the height requirement, but this is perpendicular to the floor joists and I know that a 4" hole through a 2X6 is most certainly a bad idea.

Any suggestions for safely coring a 4" diameter vent through the foundation wall?

The previous home-owner chose to massacre a piece of plexi and silicone a vent into the several pieces that the new window has become. I'd like to replace this window and put in a proper vent but it seems my options are extremely limited.

Thanks in advance.