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    Default Stripes on Ceiling

    I am attempting to paint 7 inch stripes on the ceiling of my daughter's bedroom. There will be 13 alternating stripes, or 26 total. I hope I'm explaining that correctly. I can't think of an easy way to mark the stripes out. I would usually use a level on a wall but on a ceiling that won't work. Any tips?

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    Chalk line and a helper. Measure out your spacing at both ends, then snap lines with the chalk. Use blue chalk, it won't bleed when painted.

    I would recommend painting the lighter color as your base coat across the entire surface of the ceiling, then come back and paint in the stripes. This will be far easier (and how a pro would do it ) than trying to paint individual stripes.
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    What spruce said, plus:

    If you want to get straight lines, use a painter's tape. Try the new green frog tape: it won't bleed.

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    Spruce & dj make good points, especially dj about using painter's tape, blue, green or whatever, like they do in the sites below---Your first step is to Google "how to paint a striped ceiling"; the presenters at the web sites then usually paint the ceiling the base coat (usually white), unless the present finish is in very good shape; then work on the stripes begins; one video demonstrates the use of a long-handled paint roller that makes the job a lot easier, & most of the painting can be done from standing on the floor; be sure to use a drop cloth of clear plastic sheeting, or other suitable material; it's best to design your stripe widths according to the paint roller widths that are available at the local paint store/home depot/lowe's (9" for example).

    You will find tons of sites that discuss & demonstrate this project---or check out Unskinnyboppy, Cindy Espinoza, & Googiemomma for some of the good ideas & stuff they've done; unskinny boppy in particular makes a lot of good suggestions about using painter's tape, marking off the sections that you will not paint, and dividing the ceiling into equal strip sections before you paint, as she has done to the wall project.

    Once you get to the You Tube site, watch the first video, then click onto the other pictured videos to get additional tips on what these experienced pros are doing.
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