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    I have 3 real bourbon barrels. As you know they are wood. How do I set them up with a drain and faucet . They have a wood top on them and I don't know how I would get inside , or if I even need to. I talked to the guys at Home Depot and they didn't know how to set a barrel up with a faucet. All the research I have done shows barrels with faucets and drains. Help, Mary Ann

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    Do you want a faucet or a spigot? A spigot at the bottom is easy enough, just find a threaded one and purchase a rubber washer as well as a metal washer and nut to hold it in place. I like boiler drains as opposed to hose bibs for that use.

    The drain set up is a bit tougher, but the easiest way is just cut a hole in the top, put a screen over the top to keep out the bugs, and have your downspout dump right in.
    I personally like the supply used by Fiskars rain barrels which includes a flexible tube and a piece that fits into the downspout after you cut it.
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