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    Default Stucco Trash Can Enclosure Wall

    I am about to apply stucco with elastrometric coating to one side of a wooden exterior trash can enclosure. I have used exterior grade plywood. I am in the Southwest where there is low humidity year round and little rain, but when it does rain, everything gets thoroughly wet, but dries quite quickly due to low humidity.

    I understand that a moisture barrier, such as roofing tar paper, is used as the first layer on residential walls.

    None of my enclosure walls are in contact with the residence. Should I still use a moisture barrier where the opposite side of these "stand-alone" and stucco walls are open to the air? How about moisture weep space and bottom openings? Would they also still be needed?

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    Default Re: Stucco Trash Can Enclosure Wall

    It doesn't matter if your structure has contact with your building or not, you still have to construct it to code.

    Stucco is applied in 3 layers, and it takes about 3 weeks to finish. I suggest you go to youtube and watch some videos, to get yourself familiar with the process.

    Tar paper and chicken wire must cover the structure, with corner beads in the corners and screeds at the bottom.

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    Default Re: Stucco Trash Can Enclosure Wall

    Over the plywood for your water barrier you can use any of the following 15 # felt paper, Tyvex or any other water barrier material including liquid applied type.
    Your plywood should terminate no less thanm 4 inches above grade check your termite bond for exact clearence.
    Stucco beads would be optional your choice.
    Lath could be any of the following.
    2.5 Galvanized diamond mesh Self furring 3.4 could be subed.
    Plastic lath would be suitable ,. Chicken wire is ok also know as K Lath. Also 2 inch X 2 inch hog wire makes a very good lath.
    Another good lath for small jobs is Hardware Cloth (also know as rabbit wire)
    For your stucco material the box store pre mix stucco will work just fine.
    For high end you can use a one coat system up to 5/8 inch thick.

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