Hello and thank you for your help!

I am trying to install new cans for my recessed lighting. My experience is only with extremely straightforward wiring: white-to-white, black-to-black, and ground-to-ground.

I thought that would be all I had to do here, but the wiring of the old fixture turns out to be more complicated. It looks like there are two sets of wires coming in and two going out. I thought maybe one pair was just "passing through" but it looks like all four sets are intermingled.

I am thinking that I could take the black and white wires that exit this box towards the old bulb, cut them before the bulb and then connect those with the white and black in the new fixture's box. Is this okay? I am worries about leaving all the old connections in place without really understanding their purpose. Also I would have nothing to connect to the old ground wire in the new fixture's box. Is this a problem?

I am attaching a pic of the wiring in the old junction box. The cable on the bottom left is the one that goes out to the old bulb. Looks like the white there is connects with all the other whites, while the black connects only with the blue wire coming in on the bottom right. I don't know where the other wires come from and go.Fyi, this is one of four lights on the same switch and there is a dimmer on that switch.

So, can I do the simple cut I suggested or do I need to reproduce all of this in the new fixture's box? Thanks a ton to anyone who can explain this in a way I can understand.