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    Default This web site is getting increasingly difficult to use.

    This is not directed at the board here, it is directed at the TOH website in general. When someone asks a question that was recently (or not so recently as may be the case) covered on an episode of TOH or Ask TOH, I would like to put in a link to that episode so that the person who needs more information could view it.

    The first problem is finding the episode. The search box is absolutely useless. The next step would be to look through show descriptions from around the time period that I think I remember, but under the Ask TOH, there are no show descriptions. I went to products and services to get show descriptions, but I had to open each show description, one at a time in order to find the show I wanted. It wasn't too hard as I just saw the show a couple of weeks ago.

    BTW, the question I was trying to help with was about a leaking hose bib and I went looking for the show where one was recently replaced with a frost proof type (and was relocated for the homeowner so she could reach it). I finally found the show ATOH #1219, but I could not get a link for it and it appears it is not available for viewing either. Only the most current show is available for viewing.

    If there are ways of finding these episodes more easily and making a link to them, it sure is not intuitive or user friendly. I used to be able to do this but lately it is just getting too hard to do.

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    Default Re: This web site is getting increasingly difficult to use.

    I can't post pictures.

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    Default Re: This web site is getting increasingly difficult to use.

    HoustonRemodeler, you can post pictures if you first upload it to a photo service like Photobucket.com or if it is already on the web right click on the photo and copy the photos location and type [IMG] before the location and [/IMG] at the end of the location. For instance here is a photo location from a Yahoo image search of this old house

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    Default Re: This web site is getting increasingly difficult to use.

    You're right, it sucks.

    And if you are using any kind of adblocker software, forget about trying to watch a show ******. It seems that it won't play the video until every stinkin' advertisement -- all 47 of them on the page -- has loaded first. And good luck getting the video to play in full screen without the State Farm ad being stuck on the screen in front of the video.

    It usually takes me about three tries to get the page to fully load so I can watch. And then about three more tries to actually get the video to play properly.

    (I'm sure it works perfectly for the webmasters at Time, Inc. who have about 15 petabit per nanosecond connection to their servers. But for those of us in the real world with "low speed" DSL, it doesn't work well at all.)
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