My lot is on a downslope and have several lawns in the front & back, separated by retaining walls and shrubs.

During the 2 years we lived here (North Virginia - near CIA HQ), the lawns have become "blotchy" with some soil becoming bare, and with Spring, the weeds are growing. (It's amazing that weed-like plants thrive during the winter when EVERY wanted plant/tree was hibernating).

(1) To help keep the lawns in shape and not have weeds overrun, I hired a lawn service who has/will apply fertilizer and weed killer.

(2) But I want fill in the bare spots by seeding, and have several questions.
(i) How does weed killer affect seeding ??
(ii) I have bags (and bags) of seed from last year; are the seeds "active" and should I buy fresh bags ?

(3) Other questions - - I have garden supplies stored in my garage (car reading says 45-50 degrees during winter) -- Preen, Roundup, chemicals, etc. -- are the supplies stale and should be throw out, and are they usable ??
I also have driveway crack filler and patch from 1 year ago -- dead or reusable ??
I have a gallon of furniture finish stripper, and the contents seem to have solidified during the past year.


Tony M.