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    we found a leak from the upstairs bathroom...from the buckling of floor in adjacent room. , to stain on wall.
    The flooring in one room was pulled up with about a quarter of it wet subfloor seen. Is it wise to let subfloor dry out ...or should it be replaced before laying new flooring on top.???

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    I had this happen to me. I replaced the subfloor. I was afraid of mold growth if I didn't replace it. I even sprayed down the joists under the floor with bleach just in case mold would grow there after I put the floor in.
    CAN you use the old subfloor? I don't have enough experience to tell you yes or no,but you would have to at least let it dry out.

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    i would replace it without questioning my decision. if it got that wet then as it dries it will probably warp, possibly smell. if it was plywood it could delaminate. also, if it appears to be dry and you put new flooring on top of it and it hasn't fully dried all the way through it might cause problems a month or two after you're done.

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