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    Cool Toilet help asap!!!

    I need help with bbefore I replace my toilet. The questions I have on reolacing my toilet is this.

    1.) Can I replace my old toilet that has a 14" rough in with a 12" rough? The gap behind the tank and the wall will not bother me at all! Because eventually the wall nehind it will be tore out and replaced but not now. Also will the closet drain line up correctly with the toilet I will replace the old toilet with. And adding 2" forward will not bother me either. I just neeed to know if I can replace it without using and unfit or adapters of any kind. I have searched and searched ****** about this and I cant find a positive answer that I am satisfied with. Hopefully I can get a positive andcmost truthfully answer or answers on here. I have found one thread one this site that kinda dealt with this but not fully. Some told the person yeah it will work and some saidcthst they need to use an adapter. So can anybody tell me a good answer forcthis questio

    2.) The closet flange is my next question which is the best to use? I want to do as little cutting into the floor as possible. So would a closet flange that goes insidecthe closet drain work well or should I need to use another type? I am asking this is because once I take the old toilet out I need to get back in that same day because I only have one toilet. So which one would becthe best?

    3.) If can use a 12" rough in toilet I have only a few select toilets that I can choose from a few and at my local hardware store in stock and available to pick up totoday. One it the American standard champion ( not really the seat height I want) the seat height is 15" for that one. These others are the right height and them are the belmont HET, the Startus HET, and the Eljer titan 4. Which out of these ones are the best out there? And do any of these come with the fill valve and flapper already installed in the tank? If nor which fill valves arecthe best out there. Is the dual flush fill valves the best out there for flush valves? I have searched these out to and couldnt find the right one I want that will be the best!!??!

    Thanks Kind Regards Alan
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