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    Default heating basement rec room

    Our rec room area has only 1 heating duct that supplies heat to approx. 900 sq. feet of rec room area where we spend time. Even with the heat on most of the day the rec room is at least 10 degrees colder than it is on the main level of our ranch home and we keep our thermostat at 70 degrees all day. Is it possible to open 1 more heating duct in the rec room area so it can be warmer or should we just buy a space heater.

    When we bought the home we made the previous owner obtain a permit afor the rec room because he didn't have one when he built the rec room. The city we live in granted the owner the permit after inspection before we purchased the home so we are wondering why is there only 1 heating duct in the rec room? I heard something about there can be so many heating ducts depending on the sq. feet that 1 room can heat based on some type of calculations, maybe I'm wrong.

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